Configuring Live Publish for WordPress

Configure your self-hosted WordPress installation

Live Publish requires that the WordPress plugin Jetpack is installed in order to communicate with your site.

Please see the Jetpack support page for instructions on how to set it up:

Configuring WordPress

If you are Self-hosting WordPress you need to configure your environment first. However, if you are using, you are good to go already!

Configuring Live Publish

  1. Sign in to Live Publish and load up the dashboard

  1. Click on New location.

  1. Select WordPress in the list of locations. If you do not see it, you are not part of our insider program and need to register.

Type in the URL of your site and click Add.

  1. A dialog will open to step you through the setup process. Click Connect to launch your browser and authorise Live Publish to have access to your account.

  1. Click Approve to allow Live Publish to talk to WordPress.

Once this has finished, close your browser and click the Complete button to complete the setup. You will be redirected to your dashboard and you will notice that all your WordPress sites are now in All locations.