Access denied logging in to Qualitem Portal


When trying to open the Qualitem Portal at you receive an “Access Denied” message.


The Qualitem Portal is only available to users who have “Account Administrator” permission within an organisation. The first user who registers an account within a particular tenancy will receive this permission and can grant it to other users within their organisation.


If you do not have account administrator access you will need to contact your account administrator and request this permission. If you do not know who your account administrator or have issues doing this you can contact us at for assistance.

If you are the account administrator and would like to grant another user administrative access, this can be done as follows:

  1. Log in to the Qualitem Portal at
  2. Select “User Management” from the left hand navigation.
  3. Click on the user who you wish to grant permission.
  4. Under the “permissions” section, check the “Account Administrator” checkbox and click the “Save” button as shown in the screenshot below.