Cookie issues when logging in to Qualitem products


When trying to log-in to a Qualitem product such as Live Publish, Live Metadata, Modernizer or the Qualitem Portal you receive an error message telling you that your login has timed out or was blocked.


The sign-in process uses an OAuth authentication flow which requires cookies to be set. If you wait too long after clicking the “Sign In” button before entering your credentials, the sign-in session can time out, requiring you to start over.

In addition to this, certain browser settings and add-ins have been known to block this cookie, these include:

          Ad-blockers or privacy add-ins such as “Privacy Badger”.

          You are using an unsupported browser such as Safari.

          Your browser cookie permissions are too restrictive – note that the default settings should work in most modern browsers.


If your login session has timed out, you can click the “Try again” link at the bottom of the page to sign-in again. The sign-in session should last at least 10 minutes so if you are signing in within a minute or two then this is unlikely to be the cause of your issue.

If you are using an ad-blocker or a privacy extension then you may need to add an exemption for Consult the documentation for your blocker / extension for more information.

If you are using Safari then see KB134.

If you can not resolve the issue then contact our support team at support@qualitem.comfor assistance.